2000 years of cultivating the vine

The vineyards of Saint Emilion are one of the most precious remnants of Roman civilisation. Even in the 4th century, the wines produced at Lucaniac (near to Saint Emilion) were in demand in Rome.
In the centuries that followed, it was the monks who undertook to spend part of their life studying and working the vine. Since the thirteenth century the Jurats have controlled the quality of the wine produced in the jurisdiction and in this way, the culture of the vine and wine have become inscribed in a tradition of excellence.

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The know-how accumulated over centuries of experience, highlighted the different terroirs apt to produce great wines. The vineyard of Larcis Ducasse is situated on one of the slopes renowned to have made the reputation of Saint Emilion. In the 16th century, the wines of the property were greatly appreciated and sought after and in 1867, the wine was awarded a gold medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris.
A family adventure for over a century

In the 18th century, the Raba family, living in Bordeaux, made their fortune in commerce and maritime transport and in 1893, Henri Raba, a lover of great wines, bought Château Larcis Ducasse. His passion led him to invest a great part of his fortune in the Château and at his death in 1925, his wife and then his son André kept the flame burning. André died during the war, leaving no children, thus it was his niece, Hélène Gratiot Alphandéry, who inherited the property in 1941. She in her turn managed the property along with cellar-master Pharaon Roche and her son, Jacques Olivier Gratiot, director with l’Oréal and member of the Jurade, became manager in 1990. Under his guidance, the long tradition of quality that characterised the wines of Larcis Ducasse was not only maintained but also improved.


Château Larcis Ducasse is still in the hands of the Gratiot Alphandéry family and since 2002 the property has been under the management of Nicolas Thienpont.

Along with consultants, Stéphane Derenoncourt and Julien Lavenu, Nicolas Thienpont continues the efforts made up until now to enhance the quality of the wines of the property. He undertook a detailed study of the terroirs of the vineyard, implemented important renovations both in the vines and in the cellars and built up a strong team around him. Aware of the potential of the terroir of Larcis Ducasse and aided by his right hand man, David Suire, he uses traditional methods in tandem with innovation in order to unlock the greatness of this terroir.